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Snaptube is a mobile application, which grants one, but a very useful option: downloading videos from various video-hosting platforms. Downloading Snaptube will let you keep all your treasured yoga tutorials or meme compilations on your device, especially when there's no connection.

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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Snap it fast, snap it good...

Snaptube allows you to download videos in the form of MP4 files or merely their soundtracks as MP3. The latter feature could be especially favored by music lovers. According to the application's website, Snaptube can do it magic on the following platforms:









➠LiveLeak and others.

The app seems to liberate you from time-consuming encoding stages. Instead of saving a video/music to your gadget takes little time. Although the download length solely depends on your connectivity and also the size of the video file you're determined to snatch.

When downloading a video, you can tweak its quality, selecting between 360 and 1080 definition. Which again can save a load of your time, since files with lower quality take less time to be downloaded. Besides the app has its own search-bar, which allows you to find whatever content you need, using tags and key-words.

Our Snaptube review recommends you to have this app, if you want to have a catalogue composed of your favorite vids available offline 24/7. Be it Funny catz vol. 149, You Laugh You Lose or crafting tutorials on how to make a machine-gun out of construction paper and matches - Snaptube has got your back.

Where to get it?

Snaptube is a free app to download, but you won't find it in GooglePlay or AppStore. Instead, it's available via the app's official website,, Aptoide and Uptodown. And naturally it's stuffed with ads, but its free status makes it forgivable.

As of now the app received 10 million likes on Facebook and has been downloaded around 40 million times, which must say something about Snaptube's reputation.

Bottom Line

Snaptube is a simple, but useful application which doesn't have a rich functionality, but still it's a good workhorse. Download Snaptube to get any video you like in your possession.

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