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Spotify is an online on-demand service and radio with a high level of personalization. This app changes the way we listen to the music and own it. Download Spotify for Android or iOS and subscribe to join the greatest music library that caters to you!

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Features Review

Tell Us What You Like, and We’ll Tell You What You Also Like

The idea of the library that provides you with music on demand is not new. Spotify has that: you can search for particular tracks, albums, or artists, and listen to them without downloading. But Spotify goes further. If you select artists and bands you like, it will recommend you more of the stuff you may like, according to preferences of those sharing your defined tastes. The more you tell of what you like, the more precise the recommendations get.

Spotify offers you curated playlists and generates radio stations playing music you like. Tracks you know mix with new ones, and you can mark them as favorites. The AI will notice that and take into consideration when generating new recommendations.

It’s easy for artists to join Spotify, so it never lacks new titles and names. It will notify you of news, so if you like it always fresh, that’s your choice.

Your Favorite Radio

Spotify is offered for free, though in free mode it combines the flaws of a simple online player and an FM radio. It’s filled with ads, and you cannot infinitely replay or skip tracks. To get rid of that, you’ll need to get Premium subscription for $99.9/mo. It will remove these limitations and also allow you to cache music for offline listening. One subscription is enough to use on multiple devices, including Windows PCs.

It offers decent sound quality, though not lossless. With Premium the quality gets noticeably better, though it primarily depends on your bandwidth.


★ Free access to enormous musical library;

★ Radio experience with playlist customization;

★ Good sound quality, especially with Premium;

★ Reasonable pricing;

★ New names to discover.


★ Only available in certain countries;

★ May lack some certain artists, albums, or tracks (like any other on-demand service).

Music Wants to Be Personal

No matter if you like certain genres of music, or you prefer it wide; Spotify’s got you covered. Download Spotify for iOS, Android, or Windows, and never run out of music you love!

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