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Subway Surfers is an endless runner about teenage parkour fans escaping the subway inspector through running trains. Still, it’s one of the best in its genre, and that’s the reason to download Subway Surfers for Android or iOS.

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Features Review

Faster Than a Train

The game begins as a teenage adventure many of us have experienced. Your characters are caught when drawing a graffiti on a train, and he escapes from the inspector and his dog along the railways. Subway trains are running chaotically, and you’ll have to beware. Luckily, you can always do some trick, change your track, or run on top of a train.

The game utilizes gesture controls, like most runners. You need to move your finger up, down, left, or right, or to tap twice to activate a protection hoverboard. On your way, you can collect coins or pick powerups that give you extra powers, like a magnet for collecting coins off your track, boots to jump higher, score doubler, or a jet pack to fly up in the sky.

Each day the game offers a new daily mission, and each city it brings you to has some too. You can earn more coins or keys that can be used for resurrecting your character once you’re caught, buy new boards, boost your powerups, or unlock new characters.

There’s virtually no logic in the way the trains move, but you’re too busy running to think of that. The game still offers that juvenile immersion that makes you forget about life outside that subway.

7 Years and Runnin’

The game has outlived its genre that used to produce hit by hit in the early 2010s. Now if you see someone playing an and less runner, chances are it will be Subway Surfers. This game has something most of its rivals lack: its setting is organic to its gameplay, so the game makes sense.

The visuals experienced no principal change in all these years, so it looks obviously obsolete. But the developers periodically transfer you to a new capital (or revisit some we’ve been to), and it changes the entire appearance of the subway and the city around. So devoted players don’t get tired of the same picture again.


❍ It’s probably the last runner standing;

❍ Jolly music and visuals that create the atmosphere;

❍ Constant traveling around the world;

❍ Daily challenges and online leaderboards;

❍ Characters you can identify yourself with.


❍ Obsolete visuals;

❍ The gameplay is rather monotonous.

Run As Fast As You Can!

If you’re still into these casual endless runners, you can download Subway Surfers for iOS or Android and feel younger and more reckless than most of us ever experience. Still, it’s the best in its class.

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