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The Talking Tom Cat game is a virtual pet app that has quickly become one of the favourite games of millions of kids. You can download Talking Tom Cat for modern iOS and Android devices, and numerous people have already experienced how fun it actually is.

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Features Review

The cutest virtual cat

Talking Tom Cat full game has quickly become a famous app since its release. One of the most loved features of this app is that the cat in this app repeats whatever you say to him. He does this in his funny voice, and you can actually make entertaining videos and share them with friends. The Talking Tom Cat free app has a number of other exciting features to explore – you can pet him to hear the purrs, poke, feed, and more. The most mischievous users can even make him fart!

Great animation and funny situations

It’s obvious that kids especially enjoy playing with the cat because of his funny reactions. In the Talking Tom Cat update, there is plenty of room to try different options – giving him his favourite food to see how he would react or giving him some spicy chillies to remember. The developers continue to add more reactions to the Talking Tom Cat Android and iOS app so that there are more interesting things to do. While adults can have fun for a while with this app, it is definitely more suitable for kids and will keep them occupy quite some time. It is just like having a virtual pet companion, after all. The game is extremely easy to play, and the talking back feature is definitely its best part. At the same time, what I should say in this Talking Tom Cat review, is that adding even more reactions can take this game to the next level.


◆ Entertaining game for kids;
◆ Several fun ways to play with the cat;
◆ Great talking back feature;
◆ Available for Android and iOS smartphones.


◆ Not enough features to make it entertaining for a while;
◆ Some minor bugs.

Get a virtual pet friend

Talking Tom Cat latest version may be just the right game to keep your child entertained, as it is safe, easy, and enjoyable. Kids can definitely spend a lot of time talking to the cat and hear him repeat their words. It’s not surprising why this game became so popular, as it is undeniably cute and funny. Download Talking Tom Cat to your smartphone and see what you think!

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