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The Sims 3 is a franchise which is in demand regardless of the same plot and genre. This release is definitely worth playing because even the same elements are much improved and customized. Download The Sims 3 and enjoy personal development of characters with tons of challenges.
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Features Review

Both for new and experienced players

This release is a more enhanced virtual life simulator compared to the previous versions where you will take control of household named Sims. The characters will always need something: to sleep, eat, bathe, have rest, communicate. You should care of them, send to the gym, heal, teach, dress up, and so on. In other words, they live just as alive people making friends and enemies, and you manage all those events and relationships. All their dialogues are displayed in the form of bubbles with the text appearing over their heads.

Even experienced Sims players will be satisfied with gameplay packed with new features. For instance, you will make your Sims move around the city in a new way – they will bike, walk, drive just like in a living world. You should zoom out to a map, find a destination for your Sim, and collect it. The character will go there choosing the most convenient and fast means of transport. You can invite other members of the community or go alone. The options are really wide.

Apply all features to get it all

In this The Sims 3 review we are not going to describe all functionality available for players, but you can be sure it is strong. There are plenty of spontaneous opportunities for Sims allowing them to interact, introduce themselves, perform various tasks and stay a part of society. You will be suggested to select particular traits for every Sim and to raise their levels during a game achieving progress. For instance, if you endure him with nervous mood, you will be able to develop the ability to enjoy life. You can apply physical optimization options like facial features, a hue of skin, clothes, accessories and a lot of details about the style. A lot of actions are made by artificial intelligence, so in some moments you can just sit and watch what is happening on.


• Effect of the open town providing new community aspects;
• It is possible to turn off aging;
• There are useful adjustments;
• Intuitive tools for creation.


• Lack of useful features from previous releases.

Expansion packs

Download The Sims 3 and find out what is new about this popular life simulator with colorful visuals. It is easy played on a wide range of devices and suggests plenty of charming content for lasting playing experience.

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