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The Sims™ FreePlay is a mobile life simulation game released for various devices. It is regularly updated, and when you download The Sims™ FreePlay, you get it with the new content and even sometimes with elements from various packs which should be bought earlier.


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Features Review

What is this all about?

Player is expected to build houses and create virtual people – Sims in number up to 34. He should develop and direct those characters, satisfy their needs. Sims make families, bear children. Though, there is a restriction as to a number of couples depending on the amount of generated people in a virtual town. There are several points to gain: Simoleons, Lifestyle, and Social. All actions are made in real-time meaning that the events inside the game last that very time which you spend on them de facto. Sims have no independency almost; their behavior is determined by a player. There are 55 levels. When they are completed, there is a chance to unlock content, for example, to buy furniture for the Sims’ houses paying virtual currencies. Purchased items provide VIP status which allows to increase the number of Sims. You are to go through quests and so-called discovery quests. Sims must bake a cake which takes 24 hours. You will spend 5 lifestyle points on a cake. It will continue until all discovery quests are completed.

Sims as a part of your life

Very soon after a start player will feel that those lovely virtual humans become almost alive. He will show empathy for them and live out an interesting story of Sims bringing them up from being a child to the adults. Their unique personalities depend on a player’s imagination. He is to complete goals with them, create new relationships, care for pets, grow flowers in the yard. And he will do all these in real time.

We hope that The Sims™ FreePlay review will make you become interested in it.


► Almost unlimited possibilities.

► Safe for children.

► A lot of features to keep you amused.


► The higher level you play, the more expensive things you have to buy.

Slice of life

Here you can mimic your own experience or come up with a soupy story. Make your characters fall in love or on the contrary become enemies – do whatever you want. Download The Sims™ FreePlay and get more social experience thanks to this life simulation game!

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