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Toy Blast is a casual puzzle game where you need to pop cubes of the same color to complete missions. Though it seems simple, it will require some calculations and strategy to succeed. Download Toy Blast and have fun with it!

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Features Review

A Different Square Game

Toy Blast is one of those multilevel puzzles offering you missions with colored elements on the field. It’s filled with cubes of various colors. Find a group of two and more same-colored cubes and tap on it to make the cubes pop. As they disappear, those from above fall down, and the new ones appear.

Your missions may include popping a certain number of colored cubes in a certain number of moves, but they can get more complicated. There’s more intrigue due to powerups you get when you tap a group of five or more cubes. Sometimes a blast or a rocket is necessary to reach a remote element, but you need to create it and apply it right.

All that time you’re accompanied by toy characters. They participate in your adventures; though they only need your assistance, they make the game more vivid and funny. Its visuals are attractive enough for kids and adults, as well as simple basic rules and multiple nuances.

Combos and Coins

Toy Blast is an organic combination of Jawbreaker and Candy Crush Saga at their best. Shaped like the latter, it’s based on the calculation of the sequences of your moves like the former. Where will the upper cubes fall when you remove some below? What combo or powerup will provide you the fastest result? Though the actions you take are simple, the game needs thinking.

Toy Blast is free, yet you can purchase in-game coins and exchange them for powerups, upgrades and new chances - say, extra moves. There are also mini-games letting you just win a prize. Leaderboards add the element of competition; as you see your friends playing it too, you’ll try to outrun them. But it gets harder as you go further, so prepare!


• Similar to many other games but not identical;

• Great mechanics and fantasy;

• Easy to learn, hard to master;

• Colorful visuals;

• Lots of levels to go through.


• Levels get hard too soon;

• The game seems to cheat on you;

• Too many ads.


Still, Toy Blast is a good casual way of spending a minute or an hour you need to waste. If you download Toy Blast for Android or iOS, it may become your next favorite game.

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