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VLC is an open source media player which is developed by the VideoLAN project. It is available for free and can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod. Download VLC and listen to any music you would like.


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  1. Go to Settings menu
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Features Review

What else?

Being a portable multimedia player, it supports a lot of video and audio file formats acting as encoder and streamer. It works with different streaming protocols like DVDs and VCDs, transcode and save multimedia files into different formats. It is almost entirely platform-independent complying with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BeOS, and others. You can trust this player freely downloaded over the Internet. It is reliable and stable. There cannot be any viruses in this application because it does not allow additional software or advertisement on. Forget about DVD or CD, create a list of favorites here and remember to keep VLC updating with new features. The last ones include a lot of improvements which will make your experience even more amazing.

Make your choice

If you decide that this is a player, that you need, just download it straight away. It is so simple to do. It will not take you a lot of time. Enter “VLC media player” in a search box of any search engine, Google for instance, and find the official website where you will see that very download button. Clicking it and you will get the player. Run installation which will last just a couple of seconds and start using it! Be sure it will play files which other media players refuse to work with. It does not matter whether they are stored on a device or streamed online. In addition, you can record your own videos. Drawing a line in this VLC review, we would say that you will hardly get any troubles with this software. It will work with your system and play all types of files mostly.


• Support all audio and video formats.

• It is available free of charge.

• Friendly-user interface.


• Still, there are files which are not supported by this player.

Everything is possible

This player will fill all your needs, and at that, you do not have to install plenty of codec packs because they are already built-in. Just download VLC and enjoy video and audio content of any quality.

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