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Walgreens is the official app by pharmacy store chain of the same name. With it, you can easily handle prescriptions, make orders, learn about medicines, and so on. Download Walgreens for iOS or Android to optimize your drugstore experience!

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Features Review

Stored in Your Phone

Wherever in the US, you may appear, if you need to buy some medicine, you’ll probably find Walgreens. With its official app Walgreens becomes accessible even easier. Now Duane Reade drugstore chain also operates under Walgreens, so its stores are also displayed when you search for them on the map with Store Locator feature.

The app offers you coupons and discounts you get notified about, so using it can help you save some money. It can be used with Apple or Google Pay. The app itself is free, and even more, it decreases your expenses if you’re careful about its offers.

Take Pills First, Print Later

Walgreens app reveals its full potential when used together with your therapist. When you have a prescription, it’s enough to read its barcode to know what medicines you need. Most drugs need to be scheduled; the app has a pill reminder for that. You also can receive reminders when you need to refill your prescriptions. When it comes to reminders, it’s hard to overrate decent smartwatch support.

If you need a consultation, you can skip live visits and have a video chat instead. The app also offers lots of official info on any drug it offers.

Besides that, you can order printed photos and postcards (or anything that could be printed) and pick your prints when you drop in to store of choice. Photos can be sent directly, taken from Facebook or Instagram, or other social media. There is even a canvas manager to make your photos look more festive.


⇒ Coupons and rewards by Walgreens and Duane Reade;

⇒ Medication scheduler;

⇒ Works all over the US;

⇒ Lets you talk to the doctor online;

⇒ You can also order your pics printed.


⇒ Useless when offroad and offline;

⇒ Issues with authentication reported.

Health and Beauty!

No matter what you do more often: buy drugs or print pictures. Download Walgreens for Android or iOS, and save your time for anything else and get your rewards.

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