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Waze is an application developed in 2013 for providing an optimal navigation route needed to reach the destination. In addition, it warns about accidents, speed traps, traffic jams on the route so that driver can change it without slowing down. Download Waze and drive with convenience.


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Features Review

Why should you prefer Waze?

You can be sure that this app will offer the best choice. You will know everything happening on the road and get recommendations on how to improve your way to get to the place in time. It will be easy to avoid heavy traffic, spend much less time on driving and decrease fuel consumption in such a way. Moreover, the software allows you to know where there is the cheapest petrol or gas along the road. Listen to music or podcasts just from Waze when driving. Be sure, broadcasting will be interrupted with important information if there is some. It displays arrival time calculated in accordance with the current traffic data. Even if you do not know the way, this app offers the variants and guides you during driving.


This is not just another map app. Of course, you can use Google Maps on your mobile device and get a similar experience, but not to the full extent. If you have tried Waze once, from that point on it will be Waze or nothing. It is full of unique features. Its user base is arranged in terms of community. Information is collected constantly and adapted quickly if there is a chance to find the fastest route. There are settings which can be adjusted as a user wants. Here you can add your friends and keep track of each other when driving. The app is able to connect to Facebook and Google Calendar. Read the Waze reviews of other users, and you will understand that this is a very efficient tool which makes driving convenient, fast, and safe.


♦ Allows communication with friends within the app.

♦ Users can modify the map.

♦ Spread the experience of other users connected with traffic.


♦ Not perfect layout of maps.

♦ Crashes are possible.

Choose your own way

Download Waze and get what you want when you want it. It is a real “must have” for a driver if he prefers to keep his time under control and to find the best routes without traffic jams and other troubles. It notifies you of changes on the road and recommends the alternative way.

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