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Winamp 5.8 is one of the world’s most famous music players, which can be now successfully used for both desktop and mobile. It is easily compatible with modern operating systems: Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Minimum required OS to download Winamp 5.8 is now Win XP (Windows 7 or higher recommended).

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Features Review

The return of the most famous music player of all time

Several years ago, when Winamp music player started to slowly turn into the thing of the past, developers promised to release a truly new and exciting version, sooner or later. It took some time but later is better than never and they did manage to keep their promise. In our quick Winamp 5.8 review, we will let you know what features were improved and what was fixed in the newest Winamp version.

What changed about Winamp 5.8?

First of all, the newest version of Winamp is now completely free and fully compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10. A couple of new features have been added to the Winamp app, including the ability to completely turn off Winamp’s video support as well as an auto-fullscreen option. Bento skin now has updated buttons and scroll bars. In addition to that, a playlist search feature has been added to Bento and Modern skins. The new Winamp also features a number of fixes including various memory leaks, divide-by-zero crash, slow loading issue, crashes which occurred when jnetlib was not properly initialized, and ID3v2 tag crashes.


Winamp 5.8 has always been a leader among music players and it looks like its developers are eager to return its position. According to the report of TechCrunch, before the release of the newest Winamp version, approximately 100 million monthly users listened to audio with the help of this program. Curious how an updated program looks like and, what’s more, sounds like? Download Winamp 5.8 right now! 

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