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Yelp is a review service covering millions of businesses all over the world. Download Yelp for Android or iOS, and you’ll be able to read real customers’ comments before choosing a restaurant, a café, a barbershop, or another service.

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  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Hear Them All

In fact, Yelp is a business location service, keeping a large database that covers 130+ million businesses. Though it’s mostly talked about in restaurant context, in fact, Yelp got much more covered, from drugstores and doctors to barbershops, beauty salons, and florists.

To find something special, you can use built-in search. But if you’re just looking for the best option around, suiting your wishes or needs, you can just open a category and see the best-rated spots. Say, if you want to visit a pizzeria, a seafood eatery, a French café, a kosher or halal restaurant, you just select that category and search the best-rated places around you. Restaurants collaborate with Yelp as a food delivery service, so you can use it to place your orders.

The business even doesn’t have to have a certain location. Yelp also helps to spread a word about home masters you may need to repair your house or furniture.

Yelp Your Word

Business owners can curate their pages in Yelp, though it’s paid. It’s a needful feedback: if people leave positive reviews, they advertise your place; and negative reviews help you in locating problems. The same is with home masters; if they’re praised, they’re raised. So don’t be afraid to leave your feedback with a special form in the app.

The app is highly integrated with iMessage, so the places you want to invite someone to are easy to share. It’s also available for Apple Watch.


◉ Restaurant (and business) advisor;

◉ Food delivery service built-in;

◉ Enables you to speak your word on any service;

◉ Helps you to explore local areas.


◉ Sometimes delivery charges apply when not announced;

◉ Ratings may be faked by owners or competing businesses.

Opinions Matter

Yelp is the service for speaking out loud on any business, raising competition and awareness. Using Yelp, you’re promoting digitalism, the economy we deserve. Download Yelp for Android or iOS; hear others speak, and feel free to raise your voice.

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