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Zapya free app is a tool for your smartphone that allows you to transfer files from one device to another in a fast and easy way. The popular app has millions of users, and you can download Zapya whether you use an Android or an iOS device, as it is adapted for both platforms. 

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Uninstall the app:

  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. Choose Apps or Application manager
  3. Touch the app you want to remove
  4. Press Uninstall

Features Review

Instant transferring and sharing of files

Zapya app is just what you need if you find yourself regularly sharing or transferring files from one device to another. For instance, the application allows you to send files from a mobile device to the PC in a matter of minutes, which is highly convenient and saves you a lot of time. With this app, you don’t need any additional cables to send files and what is more, there are no limits about the size or format of files. Speed is definitely one of the biggest advantages of Zapya free download application as it offers up to 10MB of file transferring per second.

Even more value in a single app

It’s not just file transferring that I should mention in this Zapya review, as there is more to this application. There is also a convenient PeerCam that makes it possible to control the connected device camera so you can take photos remotely. Another cool feature of Zapya iOS and Android app is the QR code sharing. The way it works is that you can generate your own QR codes for certain files and have others scan them to get access to the content. If you are worried about security, there is an option of creating hidden folders. Another great thing about this app is that it supports group transfer.


◆ Quick peer to peer file transfer;
◆ Supports file transfer regardless of the file format or size;
◆ QR code generator;
◆ Hidden folders for maximum security;
◆ Speed of up to 10MB per second.


◆ Ads can be distracting;
◆ Interface can be confusing at first.

Transferring files in a matter of minutes

File transfer is a constant task for most people and Zapya latest version solves this issue with grace.

Although hanging off all features of the app takes time, it's totally worth it. The transferring is done quickly and smoothly, thus saving a lot of time. Download Zapya for your smartphone for maximum convenience.

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